Mitsubishi Tyre Guarantee Scheme

No matter what the road throws your way, we’ll always keep you moving with our Tyre Guarantee Scheme


Download Mitsubishi Tyre Guarantee Leaflet


Terms and Conditions

A customer can claim 100% on tyres with a remaining thread depth between 5.5mm & 8mm and can claim 75% on tyres between 3mm & 5.4mm remaining thread depth. An original invoice specific to the damaged tyre(s) will need to be produced in order to claim. The following elements are excluded from this guarantee and will not be covered: Consequential loss, tyre wear or damage caused by misalignment, worn suspension & steering components, and/or improper tyre inflation, all terrain tyres, factory fitted tyres, tyres fitted to rental vehicles, farming and non-Mitsubishi vehicles, rim damage and there will be no responsibility taken for fitting damage. Labour costs are excluded from this guarantee. Every tyre purchased through the Mitsubishi Tyre Guarantee must be fitted by a qualified Mitsubishi technician to a Mitsubishi vehicle in order to be covered by this guarantee. Mitsubishi Tyre Guarantee is not applicable to factory fitted tyres on new car sales. Mitsubishi Tyre Guarantee is available at participating authorised Mitsubishi dealers.