Space Star Exterior

The Space Star is the perfect car to expresses your freedom and style. One glance at the smooth-shaped body, feline headlights and dominant lower bumper and you know this is a car to excite your senses. Why blend in, when you can stand out?


More protection, more stability

The front grille and front bumper of the Space Star incorporates the DYNAMIC SHIELD. This unique design not only gives the car its distinctive looks, the construction creates a protective shield for pedestrians and occupants alike.


Designed to slip through the wind

The Space Star has a very aerodynamic body. It also has a highly-evolved Mitsubishi MIVEC engine, the result of more than eighty years of engineering know-how. When you put the two together, the result is a car that's very economical to run.


Get in and out without the key

Sensors in the Space Star detect when the Keyless Operation fob is close by – you only need to have it in your pocket or handbag. Then all you need do is touch the sensor on the handle and you can unlock the driver’s door and trunk lid, without reaching for your key.


Easy to adjust from the driver’s seat

The power door mirrors are electrically adjustable so you can get them in the right position from the driver’s seat. They also fold in to keep them safely tucked away when you’re parked.

Space Star

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