Outlander PHEV Towing

Tow loads of up to 1,500kg in the world's first Plug-in Hybrid EV SUV. The Outlander PHEV can fuel your adventures with it's powerful petrol engine and twin electric motors working in harmony to achieve optimal towing performance. 


1,500kg braked towing capability

A PHEV with towing capacity

The Outlander PHEV has an incredible towing capability of 1,500kg with brake and 750kg without brake. The electric Twin Motors on both the front and rear axels of the Outlander PHEV along with an efficiently powerful petrol engine work together to optimise performance. 

reliable and capable

Powerful towing

The 2.4L petrol engine of the Outlander PHEV along with its two electric Twin Motors contributes to 224PS and 211Nm of torque, enabling the Outlander PHEV to cater for all your towing needs! Additionally, the Outlander PHEV is capable of towing on electricity alone, saving you money on running costs while towing. 

4WD system

Enhanced towing

The advanced Four-Wheel Drive System of the Outlander PHEV enhances your towing capability. When all four wheels are being driven while towing, superior stability and safety is provided, especially if road conditions deteriorate along your journey. 

Regenerative braking

Generate electricity while towing

As you apply the brake while driving the Outlander PHEV, kinetic energy is generated. In order to keep your PHEV battery charged, the Outlander PHEV uses this energy so you can create power while towing. 

outlander phev

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