Outlander PHEV FAQs

Searching for a new car today can be confusing, so many choices - Plug-in Hybrid, Electric, Mild Hybrid, Petrol? But here at Mitsubishi, you can get you all the information you need from the World’s best selling plug-in hybrid electric vehicle brand. We have put together the most frequently asked question we get on our Outlander PHEV.


The Outlander PHEV is intrinsically an electric vehicle with a 45km pure electric driving range. The vehicle is very much built as an electric vehicle and aims to drive in EV mode as soon and as often as possible. It has a fully automatic operating system which includes 3 different drive modes with a systematic bias to switch to EV Mode. There are 2 hybrid modes and an EV only mode. 

The PHEV battery can be charged externally to allow a drive of 45km on full Electric mode. If the battery is low the Outlander PHEV will seamlessly revert back to one of two hybrid modes, meaning you will be driving with the assistance of the petrol engine. As you drive the PHEV will also charge the battery through the engine and the regenerative braking system. This can give a combined fuel consumption rate as low as 2.0L/100km.

  • The Outlander PHEV does not have a gearbox meaning smoother driving and no "shift shock" sensation common with automatic gearboxes. This also results in less maintenance costs & a lighter vehicle weight.
  • You can select between 6 different levels of regenerative braking on the Outlander PHEV. This can have multiple benefits such as longer-lasting brake pads & discs, fuel efficiency and it recharges your battery on-the-go.
  • Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC), in other words, full-time 4WD. Different driving modes (Sport, Normal, Snow & Lock) for safe, stable driving in all road conditions.

The Outlander PHEV towing capacity (braked) is 1,500kg (750kg unbraked). Visit our towing section for more information. 
If you can't find the answer to the questions here please contact your local dealer or send us an email.

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