Outlander PHEV Interior

Step inside the Outlander PHEV and you'll find the ideal driver's environment with lots of space, and plenty of luxurious features. But you’ll quickly notice something else. It’s very, very quiet.


Stay connected no matter where you are

Go where you want, when you want. Discover new places and new entertainment. Smartphone link Display Audio (SDA) helps you find such moments. The large 8-inch touch screen lets you intuitively operate music playback and calls with voice actions for a more enjoyable and safer drive. In addition, Smartphone link Display Audio (SDA) navigation system is also available.

Multi Around Mointor

Get the birds eye view

The views from cameras mounted on the front, rear and sides of the Outlander PHEV (including a bird's-eye view) can be displayed in various combinations to reveal what is in blind spots and help you park more safely.

Spacious cabin

An oasis of comfort and refinement

Your driving pleasure is further enhanced with allround roominess, luxurious amenities and a supremely quiet ride. The Outlander PHEV features large doors which make it easier to get in and out. Once you're inside, you'll never feel cramped as there's plenty of headroom and legroom for both passenger and driver.

463 Litres of Boot Space

Don’t leave anything behind

The 463 litres of boot space means you can pack in everything from suitcases to pushchairs. The rear seat backs can be folded down, creating enough room to swallow of mountain bikes whole. There's also a special area beneath the luggage floor for storing the electric charging cable.

outlander phev

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