Running costs

Mitsubishi Motors innovative technology means you’ll be running on electric power more often with fewer trips to the petrol station.

Cost Comparison

Exactly how much savings could you get from your Outlander? We’ll show you. Just tell us how many kilometers a day you drive.

Daily Running Costs

Commute for cents

To fully charge your Outlander PHEV from empty will cost you less than €1.50* per charge and it will take you 45 Kilometers. The CSO says the averge daily commute in Ireland is 26 kilometers**. The Outlander PHEV can complete your daily commute in full EV mode using no petrol at all.

*Electricity costs based on Electric Ireland prices including VAT checked 19.03.2020. Based on NightSaver Plan, Night time, no other discount 

**CSO Census 2016. 


M50 Toll Discounts

The Outlander PHEV is eligable for discounts of up to 50% on M50 tolls.

Outlander PHEV

To explore the Outlander PHEV’s game-changing drive systems go to Technology.