The Drive

Remain in control no matter where you’re journey takes you. Muddy fields? Slippery snow? Icy slope? The L200 pickup truck takes them all in its stride.

Super Select 4WD-II System

All-terrain confidence

Built for maximum stability and traction, the rugged frame and aerodynamically contoured body contribute to solid handling and stable motorway performance. Our Super Select 4WD system controls the power and braking to each wheel for maximum stability and traction. A selector dial on the centre console allows you to easily switch between settings - you can change settings at speeds up to 100km/h.

Off-Road Mode

Greater traction when you need it

Improve traction when driving off road by selecting between the Gravel, Mud/snow, Sand or Rock* settings. Simply press the OFF ROAD MODE selector until the appropriate mode appears in the multi-information display. Engine output, transmission settings and braking adjust accordingly to optimise performance.

Hill Descent Control

Confidence on steep slopes

Navigating a tricky slope? Use Hill Descent Control (find the switch just under the 4WD selector dial). The L200 will automatically apply the brakes to maintain your current speed. Meaning you can focus your attention on steering.

NEW 6-Speed Automatic Transmission

Slip smoothly into Sport Mode

With oputimised top gear ratios, fuel economy has been improved and engine quietness is outstanding even at high speed. And when you want total control, Sport Mode lets you shift up or down with the flick of a lever for sporty, manual-like driving pleasure.

6-Speed Manual Transmission

Changes gear like a car

Six speeds give you total control of power delivery to match driving conditions. The solid stick shift with shorter, more satisfying shift stroke combines with somewhat lighter clutch control for easier operation. An overall wide ratio also enhances fuel efficiency.

Lightweight 2.2 Litre Turbo Diesel Engine

Powerful efficiency

Remarkable fuel economy. Extremely low CO2 emissions. An exceptionally lightweight 2.2-litre turbo diesel engine produces all the power and efficiency you need, courtesy of class-leading advanced features including precision common rail direct injection system.

Tough Suspension

Smoothes out the bumps

The rugged suspension features double wishbones with coil springs and a stabiliser bar in front, plus no nonsense above-the-axle leaf springs in the rear for outstanding traction. The ride is stable and comfortable for all occupants.

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