Advanced technology, such as intelligent sensors that monitor your surroundings and warn you of any danger assist the Eclipse Cross with delivering all round high levels of safety. 

Forward Collision Mitigation System (FCM)

Safer in the event of a collision

A combination of cameras and laser radar enables the Eclipse Cross' Forward Collision Mitigation System to judge your distance and speed in comparison to the vehicle ahead. If the system detects potential danger of collision, it sounds a warning and automatically slows your vehicle down. 

Lane Depature Warning (LDW)

The car will tell you if you drift

If your vehicle veers from its lane when you are not using your indicators, the Lane Departure Warning on the Eclipse Cross will notify you by creating a beep and displaying a warning on the dash.

Automatic High Beam (AHB)

Switching your headlights for you

The Automatic High Beam on the Eclipse Cross makes driving at night easier. The high beam automatically switches to low beam whenever vehicles ahead are detected. Once the oncoming vehicle has passed, it switches back. You will never need to remove your hands from the steering wheel to switch them manually again. 

Protection for all passengers

7 SRS Airbag System

The Eclipse Cross is equipped with a 7-airbag system to keep you and your passengers safe in the event of a collision. Front airbags protect the front seat passengers, plus an additional knee airbag for the driver in the event of a forward collision. In a side collision, the front passengers are protected by side airbags and passengers in both rows are protected by curtain airbags extending along the sides of the vehicle.

Hill starts made easier

Hill Start Assist (HSA)

The Hill Start Assist feature on the Eclipse Cross makes it easier to start on a steep slope by keeping the brake on for up to two seconds, until you press the accelerator. With Hill Start Assist you never need to worry about rolling back again.

Designed to protect you

RISE Body (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution)

The Eclipse Cross is built using our advanced Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution body. It strategically places reinforcements at critical points to help route and absorb energy in the event of a high impact collision. So you and your passengers are kept safe when you need it most.

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