We have been at the forefront of vehicle technology from the moment we began making cars, over 100 years ago. Today, all our cars are fitted with intelligent systems that support safer driving and protect both you and your passengers

Active Stability Control (ASC) with Traction Control (TCL)

Safer driving in all weather conditions

If unstable movement is detected by sensors located throughout the ASX, such as lateral slippage, the Stability Control function automatically controls the brakes and engine output in order to stabilise the vehicle.  If wheel slip is detected by the sensors when starting on slick surfaces, such as a snow-covered road, the Traction Control function automatically brakes the slipping wheel and governs engine output to enable a smoother start.

Rear View Monitor

Reverse with confidence

A live colour image with parking guidelines assists with reversing in order to avoid backing into debris or other hazards out of sight. 

RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) Body

Designed to protect you

The ASX is built using our advanced Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution body. It strategically places reinforcements at critical points to help route and absorb energy in the event of a high impact collision. So you and your passengers are kept safe when you need it most.

7 SRS Airbag System

Protection for everyone in the ASX

The ASX is equipped with a 7-airbag system, in order to keep you and your passengers safe in the event of a collision. The front seat passengers are protected by front airbags, plus an additional knee airbag for the driver in the event of a forward collision. In a side collision, the front occupants are protected by side airbags and passengers in both rows are protected by curtain airbags extending along the sides.

Hill Start Assist (HSA)

Easier starts on hills

The Hill Start Assist feature on the ASX makes it easy to start your vehicle on a steep slope. The Hill Start Assist keeps the brake on for up to two seconds, until you press the accelerator. So you never need to worry about rolling back again.


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