A chunky grille and lamps set further out gives the ASX a striking new face. Sleek sides and 18'' alloy wheels complete the overall look. 


Protection and performance combined

The 2020 ASX has a new front grille and bumper, giving the ASX stronger SUV features. But it's not just about looks. The front incorporates the DYNAMIC SHIELD, a unique Mitsubishi design which offers enhanced protection for both pedestrians and passengers.  Additionally, the sloping hood makes it easier to judge where the corners of the car are, so getting in and out of parking spots is even easier. 

LED Headlamps

Brighter lights at the front and back

When activated, the headlamp clusters on the ASX send out broad beams of light, illuminating a wide section of the road ahead. L-shaped daytime running lights give the front face of the ASX a sharp and sporty feel. Fog lamps are coupled with turn lights, giving the ASX a unique look while T-shaped rear combination lamps have a wide and stable look and feel. The brake lights illuminate independently to improve visibility. 

Diamond Red Colour

A deeper, richer red

The ASX is available in a variety of dynamic colours, including the new 6-layer Diamond Red colour which has a deeper, richer finish.

Roof Rails

The ASX contains rugged yet sporty black roof rails which accentuate the flowing roof lines of the ASX design. 

18-inch alloy wheels

With a sporty feel

The ASX has 18'' light alloy wheels which give the vehicle a sporty look. The hub is wider than conventional wheels, resulting in more precise steering and better grip in both dry and wet road conditions. 


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