2.9%* APR HP or €1,000 Trade in Booster

Get 2.9%* APR HP on the L200 or €1,000 Trade in Booster on the Mitsubishi L200 manual models for 211. 

low finance and excellent trade in

2.9%* APR HP or €1,000 Trade in Booster

Get 2.9%* APR HP finance OR a €1,000 trade in booster^ on your current 4x4 for a new Mitsubishi L200 before 31.12.20

The Mitsubishi double cab L200, named the Irish Commercial SUV of the year for 2020 looks tough and moves tough. With advanced off-road driving capability, a comfortable spacious cabin, advanced safety features and now low finance at 2.9%* or the option of a €1,000 Trade in Booster, the Mitsubishi L200 is the perfect choice for 2021.

*Terms and conditions apply.

^Trade-in booster only applicable on L200 manual models

Mitsubishi L200 voted the Irish Commercial SUV of the Year 2020
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Engineered beyond tough

We put the L200 pickup through rigorous tests in pursuit of the ultimate toughness. But being tough wasn’t enough for us. It had to be able to endure the harshest conditions – it had to go beyond tough. One look and you know it means business - this is a pickup truck that positively screams toughness from grille to tailgate.


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