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New Hard Top With Side Windows

Choose this hardtop canopy and transform the look, security and versatility of your pick-up truck. Practical and functional,this entry level canopy is true value-adding upgrade for your pickup – for both work and leisure. The hardtop canopy will complement your pick-up and is colour-coded to match your vehicle.

Compatible Models L200 - All models

Colours Available <ul> <li>Painted in [C06] Greyish Brown Metallic -&nbsp;M315085C06</li> <li>Painted in [D23] Impulse Blue Metallic -&nbsp;M315085D23</li> <li>Painted in [M08] Sunflare Orange Pearl -&nbsp;M315085M08</li> <li>Painted in [P63] Red (S+Clear) -&nbsp;M315085P93</li> <li>Painted in [U25] Sterling Silver Metallic -&nbsp;M315085U25</li> <li>Painted in [U28] Graphite Gray Metallic -&nbsp;M315085U28</li> <li>Painted in [W32] White Solid -&nbsp;M315085W32</li> <li>Painted in [W85] White Diamond -&nbsp;M315085W85</li> <li>Painted in [X37] Black Mica -&nbsp;M315085X37</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p>

incl. VAT €2,152.50

*Price stated excludes fitting. Talk to your local dealer today for more information. Individual dealer labor rates may vary.