MZ331324 | MZ331330 | MZ331328

Bed Styling Bar

Add class and style to your L200 with the heavy-duty bed styling bar accessory

Compatible Models L200 - All models

Colours Available <ul> <li>Black ABS [X37] -&nbsp;MZ331324</li> <li>Grey ABS [U28] -&nbsp;MZ331330</li> <li>Unpainted ABS -&nbsp;MZ331328 (unpainted bed styling bar including VAT is: €1,168.50)</li> </ul>

incl. VAT €1,291.50

*Price stated excludes fitting and is applicable to the black ABS [X37] and grey ABS [U28] styling bars. The unpainted ABS styling bar is €1,168.50 including VAT but also excludes fitting costs. Talk to your local dealer today for more information. Individual dealer labor rates may vary.